Master Your Financial Goals Through Gamification!

This article is about how gamification in fintech can help you achieve your financial goals and how important it is. Visit eVULX for more gamified solutions.

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If you’ve ever had a New Year’s resolution to save more money or start investing in stocks, then you know it’s not easy. However, with the right approach, you can reach your goals—and even have fun along the way!

In this article, we’ll discuss why gamification in fintech is effective for achieving financial goals and what types of games can help you achieve them. You’ll learn how to set financial goals by using gamification techniques such as setting rewards for hitting milestones or who motivates you further. Finally, we’ll explore some actual games that are designed specifically to help people save more money or make better investments!



How to Set Financial Goals in the First Place

To set financial goals and progress in your life, you need to know what you want. It is true in every aspect of life, but it’s especially true when it comes to money and wealth because the goal itself will be very specific (e.g., I want $100 million), and that can lead people into an uncomfortable zone where they’re forced to think about their own wants and needs beyond the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing—which can feel like too much pressure on top of already stressful responsibilities like keeping up with bills or paying off debt.

Some people may not know what they really want out of life yet—or maybe even if they do know, they’re afraid or unwilling to face their deepest desires head-on—and others might lack the motivation needed for making positive changes now rather than later. However, these are all reasons why starting early matters so much more than just sticking with whatever comes naturally later on.

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Why Traditional Habits Aren’t Enough

For many people, the idea of a habit is synonymous with a boring routine. We all know it’s essential to exercise and eat healthy, but we often struggle to make those activities into habits. Why? Because traditional habits are not enough to reach your goals. They can only keep you on track once you already have momentum going in their direction. Now with gamification in banking, you need something more powerful than a habit if you want to build lasting change into your life. You need something that can help you stop procrastinating and start doing what needs doing so that one day soon, your financial situation will be dramatically different from today.

But first things first: why do we even need new habits?


How to Gamify Your Habits

Habits are the foundation of your success, but they don’t always stick. If you want to achieve your financial goals, gamification can help you stick with the habits that will get you there.

Gamification is a new way to get your habits to stick, so the next time someone asks what happened to all those resolutions made at the start of each year, you can confidently say, “I haven’t forgotten about them! In fact, I have been working on them for months now and am well on my way toward achieving my goals!”

Financial freedom


A World of Opportunity

Gamification in fintech is a new and exciting way to reach financial goals. It can be used in the form of apps, games or even websites that allow you to compete with others to achieve specific tasks. Here are some examples of  gamification in finance apps:

  • One app called “QuizUp” allows players to challenge each other on topics ranging from history, science and culture to sports and entertainment. The winner gets bragging rights and is promoted to higher skill levels where tougher challenges are available! The more successful players earn gold coins which they can use for upgrades on their avatar or buy gifts for friends through the game’s built-in marketplace.

The world we know is changing and changing for the better. So take your chance on Gamification.



We hope this article has helped you understand the power of gamification in fintech and how it can be applied to your financial goals. With banks leading the way in gamification now, evolution is inevitable. We know that it can be challenging to start new habits, but by making them fun and rewarding, we’ve seen people finally succeed at achieving their goals. The key is finding ways to make them interesting enough so that you want to do them again!

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