Take Your Marketing Strategy To The Next Level With Gamification! 5 Useful Tips…

Not sure how you can take your marketing strategy to the next level? 5 useful tips on how you can leverage gamification to do just that!

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It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, most businesses relied on print and broadcast advertising for their marketing. Sure, there was the occasional billboard or infomercial—but by and large, the world of marketing was dominated by radio and print ads.

Then came the internet. Suddenly, it wasn’t just about newspaper pages or TV commercials—it was about getting before your competitors. It was about creating a presence, brand identity and using digital tools to reach your audience wherever they were. And if they played games? You’d better have your brand in a game if you wanted to get their attention.

Marketing Idea

When considering whether or not to use video games in their marketing strategies, some businesses are reluctant or maybe a little nervous. Video games have a reputation for being mindless entertainment, and many brands fear that associating their product with such a pastime will diminish their brand image.

Advertising through video games can have a powerful impact on your brand image however, as well as your bottom line. Here are five useful tips to get started.


High Audience Engagement:

Think about your last time playing a game. Did you have the TV or YouTube playing in the background? Was there a conversation going on around you? Did you also have your phone in your hand?

Traditional ads are everywhere, and they rarely have our full attention. It’s so easy to ignore them or “accidentally” let your eyes glaze over them without paying too much attention.

In-game ads, however, force our full attention. They require instant feedback and tapping of the screen or pressing of buttons. Because of this, companies can display their ads and brands uninterruptedly.

Audience Engagement

In-game advertising has been proven to be the best way for companies to reach consumers who are engaged and ready for action!


Increase Brand Awareness:

Awareness can be tricky to create, especially when it comes to marketing. If you’ve never heard of a product, how could you ever be interested in it?

Our solution? Games!

The first and most obvious benefit of games is the ability to create brand awareness without the consumer even realizing it.  As users play the game, they become more familiarized with the brand and may ultimately even buy from you.


Opportunity to Educate:

Games aren’t just about entertainment—they’re an opportunity to educate our users and potential users. If they gain knowledge that could positively impact the company, the game is a win-win.

We can design games that are both fun for the players and useful for the company by including information about our products or the company in general. This way, we can effectively inform our audience without making them feel like they’re being pitched to or like work is being crammed.

Players can feel like they’re playing a game and having fun, but they will also gain knowledge that has been designed to be useful to the company.


Games for All Ages!

Games can’t just be for kids anymore.  You can’t expect a video game to sell if it only appeals to youth who have limited money, jobs, or responsibilities.  The average age of a gamer is 34, with all age demographics observing certain forms of games. 

Your game doesn’t have to appeal to everyone, but it should have a solid target market that you can reach through marketing and advertising.


It’s Affordable!

We get it-you’re curious about marketing games, but you’re worried that they’ll cost too much.

It’s a common misconception that marketing games are expensive to create. That used to be true! But these days, creating games is a widely acquired skill, there are people who already work at your company who can develop some of the components of the game, and there are firms you can hire to do it for less money than it would take to produce an online video ad.

What’s more, the return on investment for marketing games is usually a lot higher than you think!



If you’re not ready to jump into gamifying your next campaign, don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of ways for you to get to know our company, our process, and the results we can help you achieve. Contact Us if you want a more in-depth look at what eVULX can do for you.

Also check out our article last week where we delved into how you can improve your social media reach through gamification.

Another resource that is amazing for you to understand how organisations are utilising gamification in marketing, do have a read of this amazing resource.

Either way, we’re ready to help you make your next campaign more engaging, more interactive, and more fun!

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