eVULX Biz Sim: The Revival

Learn about the world of management through this fun simulation. You will be playing the role as a new Senior Management trying to do your part to revive the fortune of the Company. Apart from analyzing data and financials, you will also be faced with some operational decisions in this unforgettable 2 days simulation.


  • Multiplayer – up to 25 Pax per Session
  • Crisis Handling
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Business Operations
  • Suited for Mid to Senior Employees

eVULX The Expansion

Market expansion is an important step for a business to grow and scale. Understand the aspects and considerations of market expansions through this experiential simulation. You will be a member of a Task Force assigned to looked into the market expansion for a well-known FMCG brand. Ultimately, you will have to present the comprehensive plan to your Board of Directors.


  • Multiplayer – up to 25 Pax per Session
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Financial Modelling
  • Time Management and Stakeholder Management
  • Suited for Junior to Mid Level Employees


Strategic thinking is an important skill to master in your professional and personal life. However, it is not as daunting as a lot of people might fear. This physical simulation requires the learner to build and sell logistic transporters in their business. Relive your inner childhood by re-experiencing LEGO bricks in this HOLO Learning Simulation. 


  • Interactive Physical Simulation
  • LEGO Game Play
  • Game Duration – Full Day 
  • Time Management and Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Suited for All Levels of Employees

InsideRisk: The Shadows of Medellin

Immerse yourself in this game-changing immersive session based on a true-case. You will put yourself in the shoes of a Swiss executive in charge of saving his employee who was kidnapped in Colombia in the 1980s. This programme will trigger an in-depth reflection on our leadership values and decision-making in a high-stake scenario.


  • Cinematic Immersive Experience
  • Crisis Management
  • Time Management
  • Suited for All Levels of Employees

eVULX LeadPro

There is no one-size-fits-all leadership style in people management. Learn the different styles by immersing yourself in our Leadpro Simulation. In this digital simulation, you will be playing the role of a new Sales Director in-charge of a few subordinates. Your role is to ensure they have an optimally balanced level of Skills and Motivations to achieve what is needed to achieve targets and results. 


  • Single and Multi-Player simulations
  • Fully Digital Solution
  • Business Simulations, Influencing Skills, People Management
  • Game Duration – 3 hrs to 2 day simulations
  • Suited for All Levels of Employees